Bottoms Up by Paul C.

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Bottoms Up  by Paul C.

In this book Paul C. shares what his life was like, what happened, and what it is like now.  

"Alcoholism is an insidious disease.  the majority of those afflicted do not recover.  Those of us who do are truly given a life giving miracle.  My personal recovery took place in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous and continues to this day.  Although A.A. is not the only way to recovery, it is the path that I have traveled."

"At the meeting celebrating my first year of sobriety, a longtime member affectionately known as "Sneaker George" pulled me aside, and said 2 things to me.  "I was watching you when you came in here Kid; I knew you weren't convinced that you were an alcoholic.  I was convinced that you were and I hoped you'd stick around long enough to figure that out."  He then said something truly prophetic.  "You keep coming here, you won't believe how good it gets."