What is a Recovery Coin?
A recovery or sobriety coin is often handed out at 12 step meetings. Many groups ask a person that is new to a 12 Step program if they would like a 24 Hour coin or an affirmation coin. These coins are meant to remind the individual that you work the program "One Day At A Time" and to just not drink or use mind altering chemicals "Just for Today".  These coins are available in many different metals. The most common ones are made of aluminum or bronze. For the first year many 12 step groups give a coin to members when they reach a milestone in recovery.  This could be each month 1-11 or at 30, 60 and 90 days then 6 months, 9 months and 1 year and every year thereafter. It is very common for other members to purchase special coins for their friends. These coins are made from many different types of materials like gold, silver, nickel and other variations with an enamel coating in different colors and designs. 

It is interesting that many refer to these coins differently.  Myself being a member of Alcoholics Anonymous for some time tend to refer to them as recovery coins, but can be referred to as AA chips, AA tokens, AA medallions or AA coins.  The truth is that Alcoholics Anonymous doesn't lend its' name to any outside organization and is not affiliated with any organization that produce these recovery coins.

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