Men's Work Workbook Set

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Hands-on workbooks that allow each of us to personalize how and why we have been violent and can become capable of controlling our anger.

The three workbooks include:
Growing Up Male--Identifying Violence in My Life
Men's Work workbook helps us take an important look at how violence starts in men's lives. It starts in the beginning--how we are raised to become men who hold pain inside and turn anger into violence. It also explores how women are set up to be targets of male violence and offers ways we can get help with our own physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.

Anger, Power, Violence and Drugs--Breaking the Connections
Forty-one exercises address how men are taught to connect anger, power, violence, alcohol, and other drugs. These exercises break through these connections, help us to reclaim our feelings, and learn to express anger without violence. Also explores how gender, race and ethnic heritage, as well as economic class, all separate us into unequal lines of power.

Becoming Whole--Learning New Roles, Making New Choices
Filled with encouragement to reconstruct our lives and relationships, the exercises in the Men's Work workbook help us to develop alternatives to violence, suggest new ways to establish healthy relationships with other men, and provide information to develop a spiritual connection in our lives.